The Adobe Grand Villa's
Boutique Massage Therapy

Indulge in luxury and elevate your relaxation to a whole new level with Adobe Grand Villas resort's Massage Therapy services.

We accommodate couples having a tandem experience, as well as single and in-room rejuvenating massage experiences.

We provide a peaceful and relaxed environment that reinforces your quest for spiritual reconnection, personal transformation, rejuvenation and renewed state of well-being. 


Bookings and Inquiries:
Call or Text our Massage Director, Lisa Dunn at (928) 224-9006 
8:30am - 6:00pm

Massage Therapy Services 

The Perfect Tandem  
Couples massage for lovers, friends and family. Refresh and Renew together with any of our luxurious treatments. Individualize your experience by each choosing the treatment (from the list below) that meets your personal needs while receiving your treatments together in the same room at the same time. Price based on time of treatment.

Adobe Rejuvenating Massage 
Our signature massage is an integration of delightful massage techniques that invoke a sense of relaxation, improve circulation, enhance overall skin tone and soothe muscle tension. Massage techniques are intuitively used to meet your needs and may include Swedish and therapeutic massage, range of motion, focused work, reflexology, a few hot stones, an essential oil for muscle tension and hot towels. This massage is designed to restore balance and ensure a sense of well being throughout your system.

Deep Tissue Delight

Allow us to assist you in releasing deeply held tensions in your body so your muscles and cognitive tissues can function more optimally together. This treatment has a slower deeper pace and is ideal for guests who have chronic issues, enjoy deeper pressure, or have more experience with bodywork.

Hot Stone Massage
Our deeply soothing hot stone massage adds an extra layer of warmth and relaxation to traditional massage. This earth based healing practice utilizes smoothly polished basalt stones heated to a perfect temperature and used with Swedish massage techniques to penetrate deep, ground the nervous system and melt the stress away.

Prenatal Massage
A nurturing and soothing oil massage tailored to meet the unique needs of mothers expecting. Let us support and pamper you in this transformative time in your life. Your prenatal trained massage therapist will assist you in releasing tensions associated with the changes taking place in your body. Only for those who are beyond the first trimester. 

Reiki Healing Touch
A unique, powerful, energy medicine where the therapist channels energy by means of very light touch to activate the natural healing processes of the receiver's body, remove blockages and restore physical and emotional well-being.
Session may be received in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing if preferred. 

Sedona Hikers
A deeply healing hot stone massage followed by the last 30min of focused reflexology to pamper the feet.

Desert vibes
Thinking of a little tune up upon your arrival to align yourself with the desert vibe? Indulge in a therapeutic massage on the back, neck and shoulders followed by a final 30min foot reflexology.

Mayan Abdominal Massage 

This massage brings together bodywork, and spiritual healing to support the restoration of mind, body and spirit back to a state of wholeness, where one's life-force can flow freely. This work restores balance and can be supportive to many digestive, reproductive and structural issues. Spiritual healing in this tradition can support embodiment, integration and release of trauma. This healing session includes hands on abdominal massage work, and massage work on the back muscles and sacrum. 

Timing: 60/90/120 minute sessions

Pricing: $150/$195/$235 per person 

Add Ons

Aromatherapy + $35.00
Quality healing massage oils can be added to any massage session.

In-Room + $65.00
Would you like to receive your massage sessions in the comfort of your villa? Our professional therapists will bring the tables to you and create an atmosphere of luxury.
woman receiving hot stone massage

Therapy Etiquette

We recommend arriving to the massage centre in your Robe and Sandals, both of which are provided in your villa with little to no jewelry. We appreciate you leaving your cell phone and all other electronic devices in your Villa to promote a calm and relaxed environment.

✽ Massage
 Hours: The Adobe Boutique Massage Therapy is open 7 days a week; Massage appointments are available starting at 8:30am until 6:00pm being the last appointment time. Breakfast at the Adobe Grand Villa's is served between the hours of 8:30-10am, so most guest prefer to start massage appointments at 10am. We do our best to accommodate same day requested appointments however we highly recommend scheduling in advance to ensure spa therapist availability.

Holidays and Sundays are always best scheduled in advance as last minute appointments can be difficult to accommodate. 

Location: The Adobe Grand Villa's Boutique Massage Therapy is located on property (next to  Silver Spur.) As you enter through the arch entryway to Adobe Grand Villa's, take the path across from the fountain that leads to the Sun Door. Please have the innkeeper point the way if unsure.

Appointment Time and Arrival: You are welcome to arrive at the Massage 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
Our session's start and end on time; arriving late could limit the time of your service, the full treatment price will apply. Your appointment ending on time prevents the inconvenience to the next guest.

We recommend you book your Massage
 therapy in advance in order to ensure you receive the treatments you request at your desired times. Please check with the innkeeper upon arrival to confirm your scheduled Spa appointment(s.) 

Cancellations and Changes: Cancellation and/or changes to spa treatment(s) must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for scheduled treatments. Refund will not be issued if cancellation occurs with less than 24 hours notice, resulting in full charge of treatment. 

Gratuities: Although we will charge your treatment(s) to the credit card you have on file or the one you provide, we are unable to include or add gratuities to your credit card. Gratuities are not included in the pricing, an 18-20% gratuity is generally recommended per treatment. Please have cash gratuities on hand for your therapist at time of appointment. 

Health Conditions: Please inform the therapist of all injuries, allergies, medications and medical conditions (including pregnancy) prior to service. (Example) High or low blood pressure, sprains, broken bones, recent tattoo's, headaches, cardiovascular issues, chemo/cancer, skin rashes, and nut, seed or food allergies, ect. 

✽ Our Products: The Adobe boutique Massage Therapy is predominantly organic; this means that all carrier and essential oils, lotions and potions used during your sessions are either certified organic or always 100% pure and natural in origin (free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, petrolatum by products and other ingredients with questionable health concerns). The Essential oils used are medicinal grade, either certified organic, wild-crafted, bio-dynamically grown and pure and natural; meaning no subtractives or additives are used during the process of distillation. Simply put we use the best of the best because we care!

We recommend to come to the massage freshly showered, devoid of hair product, perfumes and deodorant for the best holistic approach to your treatment . . . this way you receive full benefit of our pure and natural and organic products provided within your treatments.

Age Requirements: Guest must be at least 16 years old for a private treatment. Guest under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian for massage and body treatments. Guardians are welcome to tandem massage services or relax in the Spa while your child receives their treatment. Massage and body treatments are a beautiful introduction for your youth as it provides a container to practice body awareness, active consent, and self-care; we support you in introducing massage and body treatments to your children, it's important that they feel comfortable with your presence at hand, as massage/bodywork is an intimate journey inward.